Community Forum - Feb 27, 2019

On Wednesday February 27, 2019 we invited the community to join us at the Noyes Arts Garage for a Community Forum.

During the forum we shared an overview of the Atlantic City Arts Foundation and 48 Blocks Atlantic City, as well as plans for the 2019 event, and invited the community to provide feedback, ask questions, and share their ideas for their 2019 project.

Coming Soon

  • Applications for Murals, Adirondack Chairs, & General Projects will be shared on March 15th

  • Schedule for general Community Meetings - a place to hear updates, share your project progress, and learn about more ways to be involved

  • Sponsorship opportunities and ways to participate as a business

  • Website FAQ page including questions asked during the Community Forum, and ongoing inquiries

  • Website Resources page where you can download logos, flyers, graphics, and other materials to help you promote and share 48 Blocks AC

If you missed the forum please check out the information below, and submit your feedback and/or questions in the form at the end!

Download a copy of the Community Forum Packet


You may submit anonymously. We will compile an FAQ page to answer general questions.



We will incorporate feedback into the event planning on an ongoing basis. You may submit feedback anonymously. Thank you!


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