Community Partners

We are currently partnering with local businesses and organizations to further the scope of the event and provide cross-promotional opportunities. Become a community partner today!

To participate

Businesses & organizations that commit to being part of 48 Blocks AC will be featured on our community page, represented on the event map* insert in a local paper and placed in locations in and around Atlantic City, and may also be featured on our social media or in press releases.

Create a 48 Blocks AC Special

  • Create a special at your business to attract customers during the event weekend, for example:
    • "First 48 customers get a discount or special item"
    • Special menu item like "48 cent coffee" or "$48 dinner special"
    • Discount exclusively to customers wearing an event wristband
  • Commit to a % donation to 48 Blocks AC on a sales of a particular menu or store item during the event weekend

Donate skills, materials, or space



*Businesses located outside of Atlantic City will be listed as Community Partners on the event map, but their business location will not be represented on the map